The Jump On Point # 4

Seraph & Doctor are joined by Dropping the X’s Ed the Crimson as we talk the DC Comics TV Show premieres of Arrow and The Flash … then get into DC deciding to pull down their pants at Marvel as they release information on their movies. Please note … the movie wars have begun!

Intro (0:00 – 2:29)

The Pull List (2:30-48:07 )

Doctor’s Pulls:

Cooperhead (Image Comics)
Wytches (Image Comics)
Batman # 35 (DC Comics)

Doctor freely admits he’s a worshipper of Scott Snyder. I  mean fan.

Seraph’s Pulls:

The Death-Defying Doctor Mirage # 2 (Valiant Comics)
Zombie Tramp # 3 (Action Lab: Danger Zone)
Project ARMS (Viz)

Ed’s Pulls:

Menage a 3

Scout Crossing

Commercial Breaku! (48:08-48:53)

DC Comics Live Action Movie Invasion (48:54 – 1:41:35)

The Flash & Arrow Premieres Reactions & Outro (1:41:36 -End)