The Jump On Point # 6

Seraph & Doctor are invaded by Gundamn! @ MAHQ’s/ShinStation’s own SoulBroRyu as they get into all the movie announcements that Marvel drop and how the war between the BIG TWO shapes up in the big screen … and small screen. Jumpers, come join the insanity now.


Intro (0:00 – 5:22)

The Pull List (5:23 -27:40)

Doctor’s Pulls
All New X-Men # 33 (Marvel) 
Wayward # 3 (Image)
Captain Marvel: Flight TPB (Marvel)

Seraph’s Pulls
All New Soulfire # 8 (Aspen)
Harbinger: Omegas # 3 (Valiant)
Yu Yu Hakusho {Chapter Black} ( Shonen Jump)

Soulbro’s Pulls

 Video Girl Ai
20th Century Boy (Viz)
Gundam: The Origin

Marvel Phase 3 Run Down/Marvel vs DC Movie Line Up & Thoughts (27:41 – 2:45:30)
We share thoughts of each of the Marvel Phase 3 movies
We look at all the comic book movies from the big two coming out between now and 2020.

Plugs & Outro (2:45:31 – 2:53:36)

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