The Jump On Point # 7

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So, yeah. We asked for no more big news. We BEGGED for no more big news from the Big 2. Yet … they sure as hell didn’t listen. We talk Marvel’s Secret Wars. We talk DC’s Convergence. We go over early information of the upcoming 2015 events. And we realize how exhausted we are. Plus … a well beloved wrestler is writing comics and a nice little tribute to Farscape.

Intro (0:00 – 3:15)

The Pull List (3:16 – 26:35)

Doctor’s Pulls

Spider-verse # 1 (Marvel)
Supergirl # 36 (DC Comics)

The Kitchen # 1 (Vertigo/DC Comics)


Seraph’s Pulls (He pulls a Doc)

Lola XOXO#4 (Aspen Comics)

Wonder Woman # 36 (DC Comics)

Punk Mambo # 0 (Valiant Comics)

News (26:36 – 37:00)
CM Punk is writing comics?!  Note: Both Seraph & Doc are also huge wrestling fans.
Marvel’s Secret Wars vs. DC’s Convergence (37:01 – 1:47:47)
Doc and Seraph have … understandable … reactions over the two upcoming, event spanning mega events.


Plugs and Outro (1:47:47 – 1:54:38)

Intro song: Farscape season 3/4 by Guy Gross

Outro song: The Beginning of the End of the Beginning by Smashing Pumpkins

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