All New – All Diff … Well … All New & A Little Different The Jump On

Howdy Jumpers:
It’s Seraph here. also known as Frankie Rodriguez. Well, this is a letter just to let you jumpers know that we are going to be doing things a bit differently this year. And no … the podcast is not over. It will never be over …

Actually, this is an addition to what we have already been doing. Before I get into the meat and potatoes, I will apologize for a lack of an episode for sometime. Unfortunately, we were all hit with some personal stuff in November which had us need to take time to get ourselves together. Yet, we got episodes coming up … and boy, are you in for some treats.

That said, what are we adding in Jump On Quite simply, adding some news here and there. News and Previews of comics. I already get a lot of press releases and what not with my work on Broken Infinite and Herotaku, so I figured that JoP needed to show more love to the comics that we enjoy by posting them up here too. Reviews are a possibility down the road but we want to evolve the show and site as organically as possible. So, Jumpers can come here for previews and news on comics little by little.

Yep. That’s it for now. There will be more stuff in the pipeline but this is as good of place to start. Any indie creators or any companies at all, indie or mainstream, feel free to contact me on in order to make sure we post news and press releases of your work. I also do reviews on Broken Infinite and reviews will be returning on Herotaku. I plan on doing reviews here once I get a few more hands to help out. (Me, Doc and Fred can’t do everything folks.)

And with that said … 2 last things: I hope you enjoy what is coming and THE JUMPIES ARE COMING!!! We will have a press release on that within the next week. Till then Jumpers … Thank you for the love and see ya soon!



-Seraph/Frankie Rodriguez
January 8th, 2016