The Jump On Point # 7

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So, yeah. We asked for no more big news. We BEGGED for no more big news from the Big 2. Yet … they sure as hell didn’t listen. We talk Marvel’s Secret Wars. We talk DC’s Convergence. We go over early information of the upcoming 2015 events. And we realize how exhausted we are. Plus … a well beloved wrestler is writing comics and a nice little tribute to Farscape.

Intro (0:00 – 3:15)

The Pull List (3:16 – 26:35)

Doctor’s Pulls

Spider-verse # 1 (Marvel)
Supergirl # 36 (DC Comics)

The Kitchen # 1 (Vertigo/DC Comics)


Seraph’s Pulls (He pulls a Doc)

Lola XOXO#4 (Aspen Comics)

Wonder Woman # 36 (DC Comics)

Punk Mambo # 0 (Valiant Comics)

News (26:36 – 37:00)
CM Punk is writing comics?!  Note: Both Seraph & Doc are also huge wrestling fans.
Marvel’s Secret Wars vs. DC’s Convergence (37:01 – 1:47:47)
Doc and Seraph have … understandable … reactions over the two upcoming, event spanning mega events.


Plugs and Outro (1:47:47 – 1:54:38)

Intro song: Farscape season 3/4 by Guy Gross

Outro song: The Beginning of the End of the Beginning by Smashing Pumpkins

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The Jump On Point # 6

Seraph & Doctor are invaded by Gundamn! @ MAHQ’s/ShinStation’s own SoulBroRyu as they get into all the movie announcements that Marvel drop and how the war between the BIG TWO shapes up in the big screen … and small screen. Jumpers, come join the insanity now.


Intro (0:00 – 5:22)

The Pull List (5:23 -27:40)

Doctor’s Pulls
All New X-Men # 33 (Marvel) 
Wayward # 3 (Image)
Captain Marvel: Flight TPB (Marvel)

Seraph’s Pulls
All New Soulfire # 8 (Aspen)
Harbinger: Omegas # 3 (Valiant)
Yu Yu Hakusho {Chapter Black} ( Shonen Jump)

Soulbro’s Pulls

 Video Girl Ai
20th Century Boy (Viz)
Gundam: The Origin

Marvel Phase 3 Run Down/Marvel vs DC Movie Line Up & Thoughts (27:41 – 2:45:30)
We share thoughts of each of the Marvel Phase 3 movies
We look at all the comic book movies from the big two coming out between now and 2020.

Plugs & Outro (2:45:31 – 2:53:36)

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The Jump On Point # 5

And our saga begins with the GIANT-SIZED issue of the Jump On Point as Seraph & Doc go into more and more comic news coming from NYCC. Yet, is the news too awesome and powerful to drive them insane? What are they excited for and what announcements did they grab? FIND OUT. It’s NYCC Attacks, Part 1!!

Intro (0:00 – 2:10)

The Pull List (2:11 -24:05 )

Seraph’s Pulls:

X-Men/Avengers: Axis #1-3  [I could not decide] (Marvel)

Earth 2: Worlds End # 1 (DC Comics) (Seraph sold out. Lol)

Southern Dog # 2 (Action Lab: Danger Zone)

Doctor’s Pulls:

Storm # 4 ( Marvel Comics)

Edge of Spiderverse # 5 (Marvel Comics)

Catwoman # 34 (DC Comics)

Commercial (24:06- 24:58 )

NYCC Comic Con Comic Book Announcements Part 1 (24:59-1:37:02)

Commercial ( 1:37:03- 1:37:48)

NYCC Comic Con Comic Book Announcements Part 2 (1:37:49-3:06:41)

Plugs & Outro (3:06:42 -3:10:00)

The Jump On Point # 4

Seraph & Doctor are joined by Dropping the X’s Ed the Crimson as we talk the DC Comics TV Show premieres of Arrow and The Flash … then get into DC deciding to pull down their pants at Marvel as they release information on their movies. Please note … the movie wars have begun!

Intro (0:00 – 2:29)

The Pull List (2:30-48:07 )

Doctor’s Pulls:

Cooperhead (Image Comics)
Wytches (Image Comics)
Batman # 35 (DC Comics)

Doctor freely admits he’s a worshipper of Scott Snyder. I  mean fan.

Seraph’s Pulls:

The Death-Defying Doctor Mirage # 2 (Valiant Comics)
Zombie Tramp # 3 (Action Lab: Danger Zone)
Project ARMS (Viz)

Ed’s Pulls:

Menage a 3

Scout Crossing

Commercial Breaku! (48:08-48:53)

DC Comics Live Action Movie Invasion (48:54 – 1:41:35)

The Flash & Arrow Premieres Reactions & Outro (1:41:36 -End)

The Jump On Point # 3

In this issue, we dive into our pull lists as always as well as go into collecting comics. Should you go digital? Should you get the print copy? Which do we use? Get into it as the comic book neophyte, Doctor and comic book collecting veteran, Seraph, decide to give you their ideas on collecting comics, formats, storage and more.

Intro (0:00-2:15)

The Pull List (2:16- 26:52)

Doctor’s Pulls:
Invincible # 114  (Image)
Edge of Spiderverse: Gwen Stacy, Spiderwoman (Marvel)
Batgirl: Future’s End # 1 (DC Comics)

Seraph’s Pulls:
Southern Dog # 1 (Action Lab: Danger Zone)
All New X-Factor # 14 *(Marvel)
Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye # 32 & # 33 (IDW Publishing)

Honorable Mentions of The Wicked & The Divine and Wayward

News (26: 53- 1:03:32 )

Collecting Comics (1:03:33-End)

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The Jump On Point # 2

Written by Seraph
Art by Doctor
Broken Infinite/SSAA Network Entertainment

Seraph & Doc go into their Pull Lists, talk over the recent comic book news as Dark Horse has more all ages books coming, DC gets more of their tv on and then we get into the main event of the issue …  we talk about the good and bad of event comics. Join us for an exciting new issue of the Jump On Point.

The Jump On Point # 1

Welcome ladies and gentlemen as the SSAA Network and Broken Infinite present to you the first “issue” of The Jump On Point; a new comic book podcast. Join Seraph and Doctor as they begin their journey to look at comic books today in their many forms, styles and more.

In the spectacular first issue, join the comic book neophyte Doctor alongside comic book war hero Seraph as they go into what comics they like in our Pull list, a bit into DC television offers for the Fall and, most importantly, their reactions to the recent news on the Avengers Now featuring All New Captain America, Superior Iron Man and the new, female Thor. Hear their thoughts, comments and insanity as our heroes show you where it all begins!