Bigfoot: Sword of the Earthman # 2 Preview

Writer(s): Josh S. Henaman
Artist Name(s): Andy Taylor and Tamra Bonvillain
Cover Artist(s): Andy Taylor and Tamra Bonvillain
Variant Cover Artist: Bruno Oliveira

The sword-swinging Sasquatch is back! Issue two finds Bigfoot and his alien sidekick as reluctant soldiers of a desolate desert outpost. Their duty? Protect the innocent from the locust-like race of moth-vampires! Variant cover by Bruno Oliveira, limited to 1500 copies!

32 pgs. / Rated. T / FC                                                    $3.99 (reg.) /$4.99 (var)
In stores January 13th, 2016.

Bigfoot_SOTE_02-1 Bigfoot_SOTE_02-8 Bigfoot_SOTE_02-7 Bigfoot_SOTE_02-6 Bigfoot_SOTE_02-5 Bigfoot_SOTE_02-4 Bigfoot_SOTE_02-3 Bigfoot_SOTE_02-2

Ninjak # 11 Preview

Written by MATT KINDT
Cover A by KANO (NOV151712)
Cover B by CARY NORD (NOV151713)
Cover C by CLAYTON HENRY (NOV151714)
Character Design Variant by TREVOR HAIRSINE (NOV151715)
Variant Cover by DAVE JOHNSON (NOV151716)


Stranded in a parallel dimension with no hope of rescue, MI-6’s own Ninjak and Punk Mambo are about to make a startling discovery…the truth about the broken hero called Shadowman!

What happened to Shadowman, the fallen hero of the Valiant Universe? And is he responsible for the strategic attacks that have laid siege to Ninjak’s homeland?

The can’t-miss Valiant milestone of 2016 continues here as New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt (DIVINITY) and superstar artist Doug Braithwaite (ARMOR HUNTERS) fall further into the depths of Deadside…and recover the long-lost secret of Valiant’s most mysterious hero!

$3.99 | 40 pgs. | T+ | On sale JANUARY 13


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The Death-Defying Doctor Mirage: Second Lives # 2

Written by JEN VAN METER
Cover B by KEVIN WADA (NOV151718)
Cover C by ROBERTO DE LA TORRE (NOV151719)
Variant Cover by EMI LENOX (NOV151720)

A lethal menace has been loosed on the world and everyone – alive or dead – is in harm’s way!

Shan Fong-Mirage is married to a ghost – the late Hwen Mirage, who she herself pulled back from the brink of eternal imprisonment in the underworld. But this team of paranormal investigators has discovered that even the unliving like Hwen can be killed…and that their own research has unwittingly freed a malevolent spirit from a centuries-old enchantment. Now innocent victims – both among the living and dearly departed – are being massacred. To set this right, the Mirages need to unlock another copy of the ancient spell…and only one other paranormal collector has it. And so now the good doctors must pay a house call to an old enemy…

$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On sale JANUARY 13


MIRAGE-SEC_002_001 MIRAGE-SEC_002_002MIRAGE-SEC_002_003

MIRAGE-SEC_002_004 MIRAGE-SEC_002_005 MIRAGE-SEC_002_006



Valiant First Preview: BLOODSHOT REBORN # 11

Here’s a look at a lettered preview of the upcoming second part of Lemire’s and LaRosa’s “The Analog Man” in Bloodshot Reborn # 11.

Press Release
Thirty years from today, the Valiant Universe has fallen…and “THE ANALOG MAN” must rise! 

Valiant is proud to present your first fully lettered look inside BLOODSHOT REBORN #11 – the second earth-scorching chapter of “THE ANALOG MAN” from New York Times best-selling writer Jeff Lemire (Extraordinary X-Men) and blockbuster artist Lewis LaRosa (Punisher)! Presented in the deluxe, ad-free VALIANT PRESTIGE format with laminate card-stock covers, heavyweight end sheets, and exclusive backmatter, the biggest storyline of 2016 doubles down this February as Bloodshot charges through the remnants of the world that was for a double-barreled, widescreen action epic that must be seen to be believed!

Far into a post-apocalyptic future, Los Angeles has descended into chaos…and even the remaining heroes of the Valiant Universe can’t stand against the G.A.T.E. super-tech that now dominates the wastelands. As Bloodshot and his longtime love Magic emerge from their desert refuge with a small group of survivors in tow, an unexpected acquaintance from the past returns, seeking help and forcing Bloodshot to either turn his back on his friends…or his family! But is the master assassin once called Ninjak truly an ally… or a foe lying in wait?

Madness, mayhem, and monster trucks await right here as “THE ANALOG MAN” swerves into its next awe-inspiring chapter! Featuring covers by Ryan Sook (Wednesday Comics), Clayton Henry (HARBINGER WARS), Jeffrey Veregge (Red Wolf), Tula Lotay (The Wicked + The Divine), and Brian Level (The Mantle), Jeff Lemire and Lewis LaRosa’s jaw-dropping joyride shifts into high gear on February 24th, only in BLOODSHOT REBORN #11!

Plus: Also in stores in February, relive “THE ANALOG MAN”‘s exhaust-soaked opening salvo with the BLOODSHOT REBORN: THE ANALOG MAN – DIRECTOR’S CUT #1! For the very first time, go behind the scenes with this special 48-page “director’s cut” of BLOODSHOT REBORN #10, showcasing Lewis LaRosa’s raw pencil-and-ink artwork and Jeff Lemire’s complete script in their unexpurgated glory! Stripped down to pencils, inks and letters alone, Valiant’s must-read storyline kicks hits the ground running with a bonus presentation of “THE ANALOG MAN“’s bare-knuckled first chapter!

For more information, visit Valiant on FacebookTwitterTumblr, Instagram, and

Written by JEFF LEMIRE
Cover A by LEWIS LAROSA (NOV151688)
Cover B by RYAN SOOK (NOV151689)
Cover C by DAVE JOHNSON (NOV151690)
Cover D by JEFFREY VEREGGE (NOV151691)
Variant Cover by TULA LOTAY (NOV151692)
Variant Cover by DAVID LAFUENTE (NOV151693)
B&W Sketch Variant by LEWIS LAROSA (NOV151694)
Valiant Linewide Variant by JEFF LEMIRE (NOV151695)
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | VALIANT PRESTIGE FORMAT | On sale JANUARY 27th (FOC – 1/4/15)

Written by JEFF LEMIRE
Art & Cover by LEWIS LAROSA (DEC151653)
$4.99 | 48 pgs. | T+ | On sale FEBRUARY 24th (FOC – 2/1/16)

Written by JEFF LEMIRE
Cover A by RYAN SOOK (DEC151648)
Cover B by CLAYTON HENRY (DEC151649)
Cover C by JEFFREY VEREGGE (DEC151650)
Variant Cover by TULA LOTAY (DEC151651)
Variant Cover by BRIAN LEVEL (DEC151652)
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | VALIANT PRESTIGE FORMAT | On sale FEBRUARY 24th (FOC 2/1/16)

BSRB_011_001 BSRB_011_002 BSRB_011_003 BSRB_011_004 BSRB_011_005 BSRB_011_COVER-A_SOOK BSRB_011_COVER-B_HENRY BSRB_011_COVER-C_VEREGGE

All New – All Diff … Well … All New & A Little Different The Jump On

Howdy Jumpers:
It’s Seraph here. also known as Frankie Rodriguez. Well, this is a letter just to let you jumpers know that we are going to be doing things a bit differently this year. And no … the podcast is not over. It will never be over …

Actually, this is an addition to what we have already been doing. Before I get into the meat and potatoes, I will apologize for a lack of an episode for sometime. Unfortunately, we were all hit with some personal stuff in November which had us need to take time to get ourselves together. Yet, we got episodes coming up … and boy, are you in for some treats.

That said, what are we adding in Jump On Quite simply, adding some news here and there. News and Previews of comics. I already get a lot of press releases and what not with my work on Broken Infinite and Herotaku, so I figured that JoP needed to show more love to the comics that we enjoy by posting them up here too. Reviews are a possibility down the road but we want to evolve the show and site as organically as possible. So, Jumpers can come here for previews and news on comics little by little.

Yep. That’s it for now. There will be more stuff in the pipeline but this is as good of place to start. Any indie creators or any companies at all, indie or mainstream, feel free to contact me on in order to make sure we post news and press releases of your work. I also do reviews on Broken Infinite and reviews will be returning on Herotaku. I plan on doing reviews here once I get a few more hands to help out. (Me, Doc and Fred can’t do everything folks.)

And with that said … 2 last things: I hope you enjoy what is coming and THE JUMPIES ARE COMING!!! We will have a press release on that within the next week. Till then Jumpers … Thank you for the love and see ya soon!



-Seraph/Frankie Rodriguez
January 8th, 2016

The Jump On Point # 21

Writer: Seraph
Pencils: Doctor
Inker: Fredrex
SSAA Network

We are finally back into the Indies … THANK THE MATRIX!!!

We get into Image Expo and the titles that came out from it.

Intro (00:00:00 – 00:03:54)

The Pull List (00:03:55 – 00:46:15)

Fred’s Pulls
Shin Mazinger Z
Godzilla in Hell # 2 (IDW Publishing)

Seraph’s Pulls
We Can Never Go Home # 4 (Black Mask Studios)
Ivar, Timewalker # 8 (Valiant)
Young Terrorist #1 (Black Mask Studios)

Doc’s Pulls
Siege #1 & #2 (Marvel)
Silk #7 (Marvel)
The Beauty #1 (Image)

Commercial Break (00:46:41 -00:47:37)

Image Expo Titles & Thoughts (00:47:38 – 02:08:09)

Plugs & Outro (02:08:10 – 02:14:18)

The Jump On Point # 20

The Jump On Point # 20
Writer: “Sexy” Seraph
Pencils: “Dangerous” Doctor
Inks: “Furious” Fredrex
SSAA Network


We go over some of the biggest news from San Diego Comic Con! The Pull List goes on and on.

Intro (0:00:00 – 0:03:10)

The Pull List (0:03:11 – 0:42:54)

Doc’s Pulls
Chrononauts #4  (Image)

Amazing Spider-man: Renew Your Vows #1-2 (Marvel)
We Stand on Guard #1 (Image)

Fred’s Pulls
Transformers: Robots in Disguise # 1 (IDW Publishing)
Godzilla: Rulers of Earth # 25 (IDW Publishing)
Godzilla in Hell # 1 (IDW Publishing)

Seraph’s Pulls
The Disciples # 2 (Black Mask Studios)
Cyborg # 1 (DC Comics)
Ninjak # 5 (Valiant Comics)

Low Down on San Diego Comic Con News (0:42:54 – 2:17:52)

Plugs and Outro (2:17:53 – 2:25:12)

The Jump On Point #19

Writer – Seraph aka Frankie Rodriguez

Penciler – Doctor

Inker – Fredrex

SSAA Network

“All. New. All. Different. MARVEL!”


Note: Seraph apologizes for saying the wrong episode name during this recording. He was still recovering his fractured mind at the time.

Doc and Fredrex do their best to keep Seraph’s mental state sane while they all go through the leaked … and now official All New, All Different Marvel! They go through each and every title that was in the initial leak of All New, All Different Marvel. May DOOM help them all!

Intro  (0:00:00 – 0:06:57)

The Pull List (0:06:58 – 0:36:26)

Fredrex’s Pulls
Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye # 42 (IDW Publishing)
Thors # 1 (Marvel)
Scarlet Spider #1 (Marvel)

Doc’s Pulls
Witch Hunter Angela 1602 #1 (Marvel)
Robin, Son of the Batman # 1 (DC Comics)
Captain Marvel and the Carol Corp #1 (Marvel)

Seraph’s Pulls
Martian Manhunter # 1 (DC Comics)
We. Are. Robin #1 (DC Comics)
Ninjak # 4 (Valiant)

All New All Different Marvel Rundown  (0:36:27 – 2:19:28)

Pluggin’ and Outro (2:19:29 – 2:23:12)

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The Jump On Point # 18

Writer: Seraph
Pencils: Doctor
Inks: EdtheCrimson
Letterer: Varnis
SSAA Network



Issue 18
Live Action Madness Part II: “The Bat (sort of), The Arrow & The Flash!!”


Seraph and Doc are joined once again by Dropping the X’s own EdtheCrimson and introducing guest Varnis to the show as they sit down and talk the DC of things in the cinematic and television Universe. It’s Gotham. It’s Arrow! It’s The Flash! Hear our thoughts now in this new episode.


Intro (00:00:00 – 00:02:31)


The Pull List: (00:02:32 – 00:35:25)
Doc’s Pulls

Secret Wars 2099 # 1 & # 2 (Marvel)
A -Force #1 (Marvel)
Batman #41 (DC Comics)

Seraph’s Pulls

We Can Never Go Home # 2 (Black Mask Studios)
Planet Hulk # 1 (Marvel)
Where Monsters Dwell #1 (Marvel)

DC Comics Cinematic/TV Breakdown (00:35:26 -02:51:29)

Featuring EdtheCrimson & VarnistheAzure

The Flash
Plugs/Outro (02:51:30 – 02:57:58)

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The Jump On Point # 17

The Jump On Point #17

Writer – Seraph

Artist – Doctor

SSAA Network/Broken Infinite Production


“When’s Marvel? Right now!”


Seraph & Doc assemble a team of misfits to talk about all of the current happenings of the Marvel cinematic universe so far. This includes our thoughts on the latest season of Agent Carter, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Daredevil, and even the latest Marvel movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron. Join The Examiners: Seraph, Doc, EdtheCrimson, Dame Dr Foxy Brown, SoulBroRyu & Shoji Ramuro as we go into all things live action, Marvel Style!


Intro {0:00:00 – 0:01:27}

The Pull List {0:01:28 – 0:36:52}

Doc’s Pulls
Secret Wars: Old Man Logan #1 (Marvel)
Justice League #41 (DC)
The Wicked and the Divine #11 (Image)

Seraph’s Pulls
Midnighter #1 (DC)
Secret Wars: Inferno #1 (Marvel)
Imperium #4 (Valiant)


Impressions on Agent Carter, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Daredevil {0:36:52-3:04:20}

Impressions on Avengers: Age of Ultron {3:04:20-4:10:26}

Wrap Up {4:10:27-4:15:57}


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