The Jump On Point # 15

The Jump On Point # 15
Writer – Seraph
Artist – Doctor
SSAA Network Production

“Welcome to DIE, BATMAN!!”


First up, Seraph and Doc get into Free Comic Book Day and how Doc experience of it. Doc and Seraph decide to just get their minds blown with Secret Wars to female Transformers combiners and more. And then … it is time to full analyze, review & react to Batman: END GAME!



Intro – (00:00:00 – 00:04:50) 

The Pull List (00:04:51 – 00:34:27) 

Doc’s Pulls
Ivar, Timewalker # 4 (Valiant Comics)
Chrononauts #1 (Image Comics)
RunLoveKill #1 (Image Comics)

Seraph’s Pulls

Justice League # 40 (DC Comics)
Avengers #44 (Marvel Comics) 

Damsel in Excess # 5 (Aspen Comics)

Free Comic Book Day Experience  (0:34:28 -1:16:19)

From Up to Down: Full Analysis of BATMAN: ENDGAME (01:16:20 – 2:38:04)

Plugs & Outro (2:38:05 -2:41:07)

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